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So, you’re faced with either hiring a cheap carpet wash and scrub machine from the supermarket and doing it yourself or spending a little more and having a professionally trained technician with world class Hot Water Extraction (“HWE”) equipment and specific stain removal products and techniques do the work for you. cleaning for your carpet?

1. Protect your investment.

Let's face it, new carpet is a significant purchase. Does HWE cleaning it help? YES! Carpet manufacturers the world over require or at least recommend regular (typically every 18 -24 months in residential situations) professional cleaning as a key warranty condition. Why? Because it is proven to extend the life expectancy of any carpet and therefore reduces the number of warranty claims they receive. Carpet in non residential floors, eg offices, shops, clubs, churches, public spaces, even more frequent HWE cleaning will be required to maintain it in its best possible condition.

Frequent vacuuming is also very important but only goes part of the way. Professional HWE (often incorrectly referred to as “steam cleaning”) is universally recognised as the most effective method of thoroughly cleaning carpet.

2. Your carpet will look cleaner and feel cleaner because it will be cleaner and therefore healthier.

Just think of all the dust and other airborne particles that need dusting off  hard furniture. Carpet traps even more, along with dirt and bacteria brought inside on human and pet feet. Numerous scientific studies confirm the widely held view that correct HWE cleaning is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to clean carpet. You want clean carpet so why try anything else?

Why Super Clean?

Seriously Good and Super Clean aren't just catchy words - it's what you will get from us. With a powerful 21hp petrol powered Boxxer 421 cleaning machine mounted in the Super Clean van, internationally recognised training and the attitude of treating every customer as we would like to be treated and each carpet as if it were our own, you can be assured of professional, friendly, honest service and as good a clean as you will find anywhere.