There are countless ideas, products and myths on the topic of carpet stain remedies and a vast range of advice can be found on the internet, but can it all be right? Unfortunately, treat incorrectly or do nothing at all and you will often end up with a worse problem than you started with, and carpet stains usually don’t allow second chances. Replacing carpet is expensive, so why not give yourself the best chance of success and engage a well trained professional to deal with your problem? Look no further – contact us now!

Best tips to help remove stains:

ACT FAST! The longer a spill or oopsie is left alone, the tighter it is likely to attach to the fibre, whether that be upholstery fabric or carpet. Get on to it right away and call us immediately or, if you can’t resist the urge to try and fix it yourself, carefully remove any solid matter and, if it is not an oily mark, try dousing it with cool water and covering with a dry, white towel (white so there are no colours to run from the towel). DO NOT use boiling water or other chemicals without professional advice and NEVER rub but patiently allow the dirty moisture to find its own way into the dry towel. 
IDENTIFY THE CAUSE: Professional treatment will always be helped if you can accurately identify the cause and history of a stain. Be sure to keep a record and pass this information onto us at the earliest possible opportunity, prior to treatment commencing.