From sofa to settee, church pew to pub stool, car and van seats to cushions, dining suites and more, call Super Clean now to meet your Whangarei upholstery cleaning needs.

Super Clean’s upholstery cleaning can bring tired furniture back to life, improving its appearance, health and value while freshening the odour that develops from countless hours of use. Upholstery that is sat on, eaten on and relaxed on takes a hiding. Obvious spillages occur but also dust and dead skin cells constantly find their way into fabric and dust mites love it! Their microscopic droppings are a significant contributor to asthma attacks and allergies and, unfortunately, even domestic vacuum cleaning won’t remove them.


Services we offer for Upholstery

  • Steam cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Fabric protection
  • Deodorising

Please note that our Seriously Good upholstery cleaning will likely compromise the effectiveness of earlier fabric protection (which often wears off over time too). We therefore recommend a fabric protector after cleaning to help prevent future stains, inexpensively protecting your asset and keeping it looking good for longer.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning in the same visit and save!

We use the same powerhouse Boxxer 421 equipment for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, just with different attachments and different cleaning solutions to best suit your situation. By having your upholstery and carpet cleaned on the same visit we save on set up time and pass the savings onto you!